In the center of the spotlight there is a singer’s mouth. You have never seen such brilliance at the mouth of a singer that fascinate both singer and the audience. One and only reliable technology in the world acknowledged by the CEO of the world famous Swarovski. Durability that can withstand tough performances and we dedicate world’s most beautiful brilliance to the vocalists in the world.

In 1939, SHURE 55 Unidyne which is the origin of modern microphones for vocalist was released.

After that, the performance of microphone has evolved by various maker, and now we can listen to good sound without any doubt.

Originally, the microphone for the singer is the entrance to the expression to the audience and microphone is the only partner to convey that spirit.
However, its existence is too commonplace, even me who is also a singer did not have any doubt about the appearance for the microphone to be a microphone.

One day, I noticed that no one was looking at the microphone itself.
So we wanted to change the world of microphone and thought what we can do.
and Finally, we started to decorate the most beautiful glow on the planet to that important tool for singers.

We would be pleased if you could change your world with diamond using great brand microphone.

1carat CEO and Singer
Michinori " Michi " Mochizuki