Company profile

History of 1carat brand

1carat company limited has been tackling with this subject of bonding method of diamonds without using metal since 2003.
Our accumulated experiences such as world’s first diamond nails and new style jewelry, the technology of 1carat company finally made it possible to install diamonds on the tiny space of narrow and fine mesh section of the microphone. 

Company Name : 1carat international co.,ltd.
CEO : Michinori Mochizuki
1985 - 1986 / Recording Engineer at recording studio in Japan
1986 - 1997 / Sound coordinator for drummer at CANOPUS drums
1997 - 1999 / Worked at Designed company in Tokyo as Art Director
1999 - / Established innovation and design company.
2003 -  / Established New technology for genuine diamond named 1carat international co.,ltd.

ADDRESS : 1-4-3 Kakinokizaka Meguro TOKYO JAPAN 154-0022
PHONE : +81-3-5726-9612
FAX : +81-3-4332-2357
E-mail :

Collaboration booth with Swarovski


Installing genuine diamonds such as the metal of the bag

Installing such as the car's logo

New fine clear jewelry named "Diamond can fly"

office of 1carat in TOKYO